3 Steps to Increase Lead Conversion with Pre-Appointment Marketing

So, you’ve scheduled an appointment with a prospect-now what?

While the ultimate goal is to make the sale, scheduling an appointment is still a huge win! Once you’ve gotten this potential customer on the schedule, you just need them to show up for the appointment. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

increase lead conversion with lead nurturingIf only it was that easy. In fact, the time between scheduling and the actual appointment is a crucial point in the sales process. Just because you’ve scheduled an appointment doesn’t always mean it’s going to happen. Cancellations and no-shows are a real problem that contractors face every day, but there are ways you can lower the chance of those things happening and increase the possibility of getting a contract signed. How? Here at MarketSharp, we call it “pre-appointment marketing.” This purpose of this type of marketing is to warm the prospect prior to meeting with them, increasing the likelihood of converting them into a customer.


How to Increase Lead Conversion with Pre-Appointment Marketing

If you’ve never heard of pre-appointment marketing, we’ll break it down for you. Pre-appointment marketing involves further introducing yourself and your business to the prospect and providing them with information that can better prepare them for their appointment. If executed properly, pre-appointment marketing will increase lead conversion by putting the homeowner at ease prior to the sales call, ultimately lowering the chance of them cancelling or passing on a demo. While there are several ways your home improvement business can use pre-appointment marketing, here are three tips to consider:


1. Make Yourself Known to the Client

Before meeting with the homeowner, you should be taking the time to further introduce yourself to your prospect. Think about it: the homeowner is inviting you- essentially a complete stranger- into their home. At best, this is uncomfortable for your potential customer. Of course, if you’re doing virtual appointments due to COVID-19, it’s a less-invasive experience for the homeowner, but they’re still taking time out of their day to listen to you pitch your products or services.

When you send the homeowner their appointment confirmation, you can increase lead conversion by including the following information:

      • A photo of yourself – Being able to put a face to a name allows the homeowner to connect with you on a human level, ultimately building their trust for you and your brand.
      • A description of the car you’re driving – This will make the client feel more comfortable with you, and a comfortable client is a happy client!
      • Permission to park on the street – So as not to disturb or fill their driveway. 

And if you really want to make an impression, send a physical letter to your client. Not many people mail anymore, so doing so will really set you apart from the competition. Just be sure to include the above information in your pre-appointment communications, and you can create a professional and expert image that stands out and puts the client at ease.


2. Send Multiple Reminders

When you’re able to follow-up multiple times with your client and remind them of their appointment, you’ll increase the likelihood that the appointment will be kept. The key is to send your messages through different channels, like phone calls and emails. But if you’re worried about an email being missed or don’t feel like playing phone tag with your prospect, consider leveraging text messaging. According to Marlimar, a platform designed to automate your text communications, 95% of text messages are opened within just 3 minutes! Marlimar even integrates with MarketSharp’s CRM system, allowing you to auto-fill customer information from your database right into a text like the one below:

“This is [sales Rep name] with [company name].  Please call me at [sales rep number] regarding your upcoming, scheduled appointment.”

Like the text above, you’ll want to keep your messaging simple with a clear call-to-action.


3. Provide Quality Information to the Homeowner

Sending multiple appointment reminders gives you the opportunity to educate the homeowner on the benefits of doing business with your company. In MarketSharp, you can easily build a customized message that includes important company and appointment information. For example: 

Mr. & Mrs. [last name],

Hi!  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is [sales rep name] and I work for [company name].  My records indicate that we have an appointment scheduled in the near future to discuss one of our home improvement products for your home at the following time:

Appointment Date: [appointment date]
Appointment Time: [appointment time]

 Nowadays, more and more people are taking advantage of today’s exciting home improvement products. Our products can not only beautify your home and minimize maintenance, but many of our products pay for themselves in reduced energy costs!

Our company, [company name] has been serving homeowners in the area for years. We have hundreds of local installations and I am happy to show you our customer list for reference when we meet.

Thanks again for your interest and I’ll see you soon.


[Sales rep name]

If you’re struggling writing or executing these messages, a CRM software like MarketSharp can help simplify and speed up the process!



By following the tips outlined above, you can position yourself as an expert before you even meet with the prospect and drive up your demo and sales numbers. Plus, when you use an industry-specific CRM system like MarketSharp’s, it’s easy to create automated reminders for your home improvement company. And while MarketSharp does include several pre-written communications, you can still create your own customized messages that are better tailored to you and your business.

To learn more about how MarketSharp can help you execute pre-appointment marketing like a pro and increase lead conversion, schedule a personalized demo with one of our expert representatives!