3 Steps to Increase Customer Testimonials and Manage Your Online Reputation

With the peak of busy season behind us, it’s time to start following up with all those newly happy customers and turn their satisfaction into positive, online reviews!

A job well done should never go unnoticed. If your work knocked the homeowner’s socks off, the world should know, and so should your prospective clients! According to GuildQuality, a leader in customer satisfaction survey software, more than 90 percent of people read reviews before doing business. And with MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM system, you can gather customer feedback and manage your online reputation with ease. MarketSharp integrates with several industry leading applications designed to collect customer feedback, including Listen360 and GuildQuality, so that you can see your company through your customer’s eyes. In taking a few short steps once the job is completed, you’ll be generating positive testimonials across the most popular online review sites in no time!


Step Up Your Online Reputationonline reputation

It should be a no-brainer that generating effective online reviews from customers involves providing outstanding service and workmanship. But aside from these obvious requirements, you should consider implementing a process for collecting and maintaining your customer reviews. Below, we’ve outlined three steps you can take to increase customer testimonials and manage your online reputation:


1. Follow-Up Post-Job

Before you reach out to customers asking for a review, it’s vital that you first follow-up about the work your home improvement business performed for them to ensure they had a truly positive experience. With MarketSharp’s CRM software, you can integrate your system with Listen360 or GuildQuality to initiate surveys from MarketSharp to customers when their project has been completed, automatically. By simply marking a job complete in MarketSharp, you can trigger a survey to go to the related homeowner to collect feedback. To help identify whether or not they’d be a good candidate to ask for a review, ask your customer questions like:

      • How satisfied are you with your project results?
      • Are there any unresolved issues with your project?
      • Did you find the job was completed in a timely, professional manor?
      • Was there anything about the job process that dissatisfied you?


Should you get optimistic responses to your post-job communications, you can feel comfortable moving forward with asking the customer for a formal review or testimonial.


2. Ask for the Review

Once you’ve determined that your customer has had a good, if not great, experience with your brand, you have the green light to kindly and professionally request a review from them. When you use a CRM software like MarketSharp, you can even use the system to make the request for you! In MarketSharp, users can choose to leverage Listen360 Reviews to identify optimal client feedback and automate customized emails to be sent to those customers, requesting they post an upbeat review on Google+ and/or Yelp. And since the email is triggered based off of an event- for example, 1 day after the project is marked completed in MarketSharp- you’ll engage with your customer when their experience is fresh in their minds and they’ll be more likely to share relevant, thoughtful feedback about your remodeling company.


3. Respond to Your Customer

Should your customer choose to publish a positive review about your remodeling business, it’s crucial you don’t forget to thank them! Whether you call, email, or respond directly to their review, thanking your customer is crucial in providing them with an end-to-end experience that exceeds their expectations. Plus, there’s never harm in showing a customer more appreciation. In fact, it will only increase the chance they do repeat business with your company or refer your business to other homeowners. And in the case that you receive a negative or not-so-great review, it’s important you embrace that feedback and respond in a respective, professional way that shows your company cares.


Raving customer testimonials and reviews will drastically improve your company’s online reputation and in turn, positively affect your company’s Google Search rankings. By following the steps above and leveraging an industry, you can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing effectively. And with the added power of automation from an industry-specific system like MarketSharp, your remodeling company can sit back, relax and watch your online reputation increase.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MarketSharp and Listen360’s integration can help you manage your online reputation, schedule a demo with one of our team members!