Lead Paint Rule

Summary of the Rule

Review the points below for a quick summary of the new EPA lead paint rule. 1. Training and Certification Beginning in April 2010, firms working in pre-1978 homes will need to be certified. Firms need to complete the application for certification and submit a fee of $300 to the EPA. Along with the firm certification, an […]

What is the RRP Rule?

  If you’re working on homes, schools or day care centers built pre-1978, you now MUST be EPA Lead-Safe Certified. The EPA’s Renovate, Repair and Painting  Rule (RRP), which began on April 22, 2010, is designed to help reduce the hazards of lead based paint exposure during renovation projects. The RRP Rule is best known […]

RRP Links, Forms and Pamphlets

As a contractor, you play an important role in helping to prevent lead exposure. Ordinary renovation and maintenance activities can create dust that contains lead. By following the lead-safe work practices, you can prevent lead hazards.  In an effort to help you keep compliant, below are links to important EPA links, forms and pamphlets… Renovate […]

Easy Lead Paint Compliance!

MarketSharp Lead Paint Module

How does your remodeling/contracting firm track and manage all the Lead Paint Compliancy STUFF? Like most, you’ve probably designated a person to create checklists, update file folders and oversee extensive piles of paperwork to keep your company compliant. But, companies with a high dependency on people, rather than technology in these areas, run risk of […]