Sales Objections: Overcoming, Neutralizing & Profiting From Them!

Sales Objections: Overcoming, Neutralizing & Profiting From Them!

Presenter: Dave Yoho & Brian Smith of Dave Yoho Associates

Archive Date: March 13, 2012

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So picture this in your mind… you make a great presentation, the prospect seems to love your product and what it can do for them, it appears that they have the funds necessary to do the deal… and then they open their mouth and you are expecting to hear a resounding YES! But instead, they say “we want to think this over” or “we plan to get 3 estimates” or “it seems like too much money”! These 3 phrases have killed more deals in our industry than you can imagine.

But guess what? These 3 classic responses are NOT objections!! They are simply proof that you haven’t discovered the REAL objection that’s causing them to stall. Truly professional salespeople become masters at discovering these ‘real’ objections which is a direct path to a closed sale and happy customer.

That’s exactly what is discussed in this fast paced session presented by Dave Yoho and Brian Smith, from Dave Yoho Associates. You CAN increase your salespeople’s closing ratios dramatically by sharpening their sales skills. In this webinar, you will learn how to discover, overcome, neutralize and PROFIT from your prospect’s objections. Objections are actually a skilled salesperson’s best friend but ONLY if you have developed the skills to deal with them in a positive manner.

During this important webinar you will discover…

  • Why salespeople “fail to close” when they hear statements such as “we’ll get back to you” – “we’ll think it over” and similar and what to do about it
  • How to easily convert procrastination into objections which are definable and solvable (a key to sound sales practices)
  • Learn what 99% of all objections are centered around (a good thing to know)
  • Discover the 5 step system to understand, define and respond to almost all objections
  • Tips to help you use your EARS as much as your mouth during the presentation (easier said than done)
  • Why objectives can sometimes cause a salesperson to take a path of action which is NOT in their best interest
  • How to “ask for the order” in a manner that is not offensive or uncomfortable
  • A simple process to avoid certain objections that can’t be overcome
  • And yes, you will learn what to say when your prospect says “We want to think it over” (this alone will be worth your time)
  • Much More!

To Sum Up… “Closing the Sale is the Natural Conclusion to The Satisfactory Completion of Each Step of a Sound Sales Methodology”. This webinar will focus on a very important step in the process – handling objections!

(don’t forget to turn up your computer speakers)


Dave Yoho, David Alan Yoho and Brian Smith are all top industry consultants and have decades of experience training salespeople in the remodeling/home improvement sector.

Dave Yoho Associates (DYA) is the oldest, largest and most successful consulting groups operating within North America. Since 1962, they have been dedicated to improving productivity and profit for their clients. They maintain a primary niche within the building products and home improvement industry. For more information about DYA visit


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