Remodelers: Generate MORE Sales From Your EXISTING Leads!

Remodelers: It’s TIME To Sweat the Small Stuff – The Top 5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Generate MORE Sales From Your EXISTING Leads!

Presenter: Rich Harshaw, CEO of Monopolize Your Marketplace
Archive Date: September 28, 2011

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Question: Are you finding that generating enough leads for your business is getting tougher and tougher?

If you’re like most remodelers, the answer to the above question is probably a resounding… YES! Lead costs are rising dramatically. Additionally, ‘marketing clutter’ has substantially diminished response rates on the ‘tried and true’ advertising/marketing methods of yesteryear. Bottom line… LESS results while spending MORE money!

So what gives? Is there a solution to this industry-wide dilemma?

Fortunately YES!… and that’s exactly what we will be discussing in this fast paced webinar presented by Rich Harshaw, author of “Monopolize Your Marketplace” and top industry consultant. Rich has identified 5 specific strategies that will all contribute to a much higher conversion rate of the leads you are currently generating! The good news is that your competitors are likely NOT taking advantage of these strategies.

In this important webinar, you will discover:

  • The story of the “Ignition Code”… How to effectively separate your company from your competition (without this… you’re dead in the water)
  • Increase Your Closing Ratio 10% to 50%… by using a deceptively simple marketing tool that helps convert prospects to YOU before your sales person ever sets foot in their door. This ingenious nugget will also drastically reduce cancelled appointments if that’s been a problem for you.
  • Collecting and Using Online Reviews… testimonials are sooooo 2008. Your prospects want to see unfiltered user comments and reviewed provided by 3rd parties. Learn how to use this weapon to instantly outcompete your competition, regardless of how high your prices are.
  • Phony Baloney… When was the last time you put conscious thought and effort into the way you handle prospects and customers on the phone? Well that’s too long! Rich will give you two itty-bitty nuggets that can make a huge difference in the way your company is perceived… and whether or not some of your prospects do business with you.
  • Social Media Blunders… everyone’s talking about Facebook and Twitter, but nobody really seems to know how to use them the RIGHT WAY. And many remodelers avoid the topic altogether simply because they don’t know what to do. Find out what social networks you should be on, what you should post, how often you should post, and what to AVOID posting. Interested? You should be!
  • Web Conversion Weapons… somebody clicked on a link to your site… then 1.3 seconds later clicked away. What the heck!?! Find out how to make traffic STICK and want to absorb your entire website. 3 simple rules make 95% of the difference… learn them on this webinar.
  • Follow-up Gold… Methods to easily put your follow-up efforts on autopilot (60% of your unsold leads WILL buy from some company within 1 year – it should be you!)
  • Speed Sells… Find out why your response time is critical with web leads and how you can easily increase your web page visitors to solid, set appointments by 1000%
  • Much More!

It Really Is TIME To Sweat the Small Stuff!

In today’s “New Normal” it’s all about EFFICIENCY! The companies that set out to identify and execute many of the ‘little things’ that separate themselves from their competition will be the winners. Be sure to join us for this thought provoking webinar.

(don’t forget to turn up your speakers)


This Month’s Expert: Rich Harshaw, CEO of Monopolize Your Marketplace

Back for a return engagement, we are pleased to have Rich Harshaw be our presenter for this important session on marketing and lead generation. Rich is a marketing pro with many years of marketing experience. Rich has spent the past 5 years consulting with many of the top remodeling companies in the country so he KNOWS what works and what doesn’t!

In addition to being the author of the hardback book “Monopolize Your Marketplace”, Rich also contributes articles to the leading industry publications and speaks at many national industry events.


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